Sutekh Plays Skull and Shackles

Every Action...
Robots, thievery and the-M-word?

The party heard singing inexplicably coming from around them. Mila found that the fore wall of the bilge was false, behind which stood a metal box with a glass front and a coat of arms with a metal bull’s head – a style very unusual for any region of Golarion. Inside stood a metal humanoid figure who looked to be made of adamantium. The box opened, it stepped out and asked who its owner was. Kriza claimed it and began ordering it to jump, which badly damaged the bottom hull of the ship.

The officers and crew came running at the noise and Master Scourge ordered the Unit on deck. Kriza ordered it to follow his instructions. And everyone continued their chores.

Day 5 came and went, there were many repairs to make by the crew, and the Unit was taught how to repair.

But in the dead of night when only a few pirates were awake, the party decided to steal back their gear and Rosie’s fiddle. The Unit didn’t sleep, so it was curious about what its master was sneaking around for. They had no choice but to include it in their plan. The QM Store was actually unlocked and Milah had no problem breaking into the locker with the single lockpick Sandara provided. After liberating their gear, the unit decided to grab a box and throw it overboard.

The noise wakes Plugg and Scourge who go to investigate and see the party. The Unit throws a third box overboard and Plugg jumps down and initiates, striking down the warforged in a single swing. The Doctor cast a Murderous Command on Scourge and the latter jumps down, plunging a poisoned dagger into the first mate. Plugg spun around shouting, “You traitorous cur! I knew I couldn’t trust you from the moment I saw you!”

Aww rats!

Day 4

6 Dire Rats!

A number of discarded crates and boxes packed with straw lie in the bilges, among which can be found a suit of leather armor, three heavy maces, and 12 sp.
In the dark waters lie a buckler, a masterwork handaxe, a vial of holy water, a tanglefoot bag, two tindertwigs, and 21 gp.


Day 2

The pirates managed to knock out all the players except for Kriza who waited 8 rounds until they left for work and Multani and Nyrissa who were already on deck.

Daily duties occured followed by Bloody Hour with whippings and humiliation of Nyrissa and a pirate caught in the middle of fornication with her, as well as those who didn’t work hard enough (almost everyone, especially Cash Valentine).

Kriza gambled stories for copper, earning 8 cp. Most characters dumped their rations stealthily.

Day 3
Daily duties and more whippings, Cash got rather angry at the officers’ unfair treatment of him.

During entertainment time Mr Plugg suggested wrestling. The crew began chanting, “Owlbear, Owlbear.” But it was revealed to only be Owlbear Hartshorn who fought The Doctor, picked by Mr Plugg of course.
The fight was intense, but after an amazing attack of opportunity, the wrestlers were knocked out at the same time, with The Doctor falling on top of Owlbear. Mr Plugg grabbed half his bet back and threw the remaining 50 gold at Kriza.

Multani managed to befriend the plucked parrot, Pluck, and a rather big rat.

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